Our potters are working diligently and we will continue to fulfil inventory as it is available - can take up to 3 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Our Story

Bakuli Blu is an iconic Kenyan pottery company specialising in handcrafted, rustically elegant products. 
The company has been producing its pottery in Kenya under different owners for close to two decades. It has recently been relocated to Gilgil, in the Rift Valley. The repurposed workshop is called The Mill, and has a dedicated space for all our craftsmen the claymaker, potters and painters to undertake their specialised work. The new owners of Bakuli Blu are committed to re-establishing this much-loved Kenyan brand in its new location, and creating its complete range of high quality pottery products. They have also begun extending the product range.
Apart from being where our pottery is individually handmade, The Mill is also our showroom, where our customers are welcome to browse our beautiful displays, attend pottery workshops and purchase in person. In addition, we are working with a range of well-known outlets around Kenya to stock our products.
We have built a strong online presence to further promote our creations. This will enable people from all over Kenya, and around the world to easily see and purchase our pottery through our website.